Development Updates December 2019

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Hello Developers, Users and Followers. I’m Manh, InnerPiece’s Founder and Director.

It has been a while since our last update on the website.

But if you follow InnerPiece closely on our GitLab, Discord or Mailing list (here), you should have received many interesting news. Today I write this post to make a summary of our development in last year, as well as take a quick look through our history for who’s still new, and share some of our plans for the future to come, especially in 2020.

I started out the development of Prime Engine in 2017 and founded InnerPiece in early 2018. Prime Engine is now 2.5 years old and InnerPiece has been running as a company for nearly 2 years.

We’ve got roughly a dozen of clients who have great interest in our Prime Engine and some of them use it for their projects. We hope our product can be released publicly for everyone to use soon. For now we continue to provide Prime Engine and services in Software, Computer Graphics and Games for teams and business entities mainly.

This year is coming to its end. Let’s together revise some of our important events which happened in 2019!

On June 25, we released a preview of the new Prime Engine

This version marks a great turning point of Prime Engine in terms of technical ability. The screenshots that you see on our introduction page haven’t been updated yet, and those are generated from our Prime Engine prototype version which was developed with ancient Irrlicht 1.8.4 running on OpenGL 3.3. As you may notice, we switched to a full commitment with Vulkan since we believe that it will help us reach our goals faster and better.

Saga3D has been in development for 1.5 years

Our replacement for Vulkan graphics backend is Saga3D, which I started to develop in June 2018. We choose to make it an open-source project so developers can leverage our technology to build their own ideas.

This is not just a replacement for our graphics in Prime Engine, it’s also a big advancement for InnerPiece when creating its own core of technology, liberating all restrictions to excel and pursue higher standards.

This is a quick glance of some rendering examples made by Saga3D.


We have made Saga3D run on all major platforms including Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android. In the future, I would like to consider WebGPU and WebGL implementations for high quality graphics on web browsers.

On September 15, we published another open-source project: SamAI

It’s live at There’ll be a another blog post explaining InnerPiece’s intention and plans for it soon. Now what I can share with you is that SamAI is going to play a big role in our important leap of technology coming in 2020. Let’s wait for it and I promise that you will get excited, because InnerPiece’s always creating what people are dreaming about!

Our plans for the next year

Being the Director of InnerPiece, I’m very delighted to share that we’re deploying a new business model in the year to come. Besides, it’s so exciting that we receive many offers of collaboration from new partners in the late of this year!

We’re currently connecting with Game studios, ArchViz, EdTech and MedTech companies to set up plans of developing together.

State of Prime Engine and future versions

InnerPiece continues to improve current features of the engine, enhance multi-platform support and add more valuable features into it. More detailed news will still be updated across channels as usual. I expect that 2020 will be another good year and a better year for InnerPiece as well as everyone else.

Thank you all for having been supporting and working together with us. Let’s keep us updated about you, your dream and projects so we’ll exchange as much as we can, to build society and make more great changes!

Sincerely yours,


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