Google Summer of Code 2019 Announcements

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Greetings everyone. This post contains official announcements from InnerPiece about upcoming Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019. The content is continuously updated here:

  • Plans
  • Ideas list
  • Support (Mentors, Community)
  • Knowledge base

InnerPiece OSS will apply for GSoC 2019 with Saga3D project. You can refer to our Open-Source Introduction page as your first starting point.

Then learn more about GSoC:

Be sure to read the FAQ, Timeline, Guide, watch Videos and get prepared for this global program.

InnerPiece will have mentors helping you to get exposed to real-world software development, especially in 3D graphics. More info to come on this page, bookmark and watch it regularly. Page updates will be notified on Discord and Mailing list as much as possible.


  • Apply to be our mentors here
  • January 20: Mentors application deadline

Ideas list

These are ideas that students can use to write their proposals and develop for Saga3D:

  • Multi-threading API (command buffer generation, etc)
  • MacOS/iOS support using MoltenVK
  • Android Vulkan support (base work has been done here)
  • OpenGL ES 3 for Android and Web rendering (map to WebGL2 with Emscripten and WebAssembly)

Mentor’s responsibility

C++ Mentors:

  • Assist students on compiling Saga3D from source
  • Give suggestions to fix compile errors on different platforms
  • Suggest optimizations in student’s code

Mentors: Tan PD, Manh NT

Computer Graphics Mentors:

  • Point students to the right resources (paper, blog post, …) for a specific problem
  • Elaborate GPU topics needed for tasks
  • Be able to validate rendering algorithm ideas

Mentors: Manh NT


Discuss C++ and Graphics Programming in InnerPieceOSS’s Discord.

Final Result

InnerPiece was not an approved organization for GSoC 2019. We’ll continue to apply in next years.
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